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Holy Family Counseling Center

Counseling from a Catholic Christian Perspective

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We provide counseling from a Catholic Christian perspective to couples, individuals and families placing value in the dignity of the individual and marriage as well as the family.

why holy family?

We are a group of Catholic therapists with varying backgrounds who have come together to offer aid to those who wish to receive counseling and psychotherapy that will not compromise their personal value system.

how do we serve?

We respect the dignity of every human life and seek to promote the sanctity of marriage and family life. Our counselors and therapists provide a holistic journey to healing through a family systems approach.

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Do you or someone you know need help? Call our office to find out more about our services and how we can provide you help.

Parish Programs

The counselors at Holy Family Counseling Center can assist your parish, school or community group by providing you with tools and talks to assist you with understanding the current issues that families and organizations are facing in today’s world.

Great staff, clear and supportive help and Catholic identity. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Authentic Catholic Counseling. Great Counselors. Also, it's affordable given the level of wisdom and education with the practice.