By Irene Rowland MS, NCC, LPC

We are an Easter people!! Just as Jesus experienced resurrection after much suffering, so can we become a new creation. He is the way to our having the resurrection to eternal life with God the Father. He can also be the way, in the here and now, to our resurrection from all the ways we suffer. We can be pulled down because of life circumstances and sometimes the sufferings are of our own making. God will never let go of our hand, but sometimes we let go of His. On the cross, His outstretched hands are inviting us once again to see Him, hear Him and to take His hand if we’ve let go of it. He can give us both the beautiful eternal life that He’s prepared for us, but also the new life of redemption here where we can understand Him to be our trustworthy companion in the journey of life. We will still have irritations, inconveniences, confusing situations, troubling times and even heartaches. Relying on His friendship can give us peace in turbulent times. He is faithful and steadfast.

God is able to reach us in many ways. Sometimes, He helps us to lead a deeper, more fulfilling life through working with a kind and competent therapist. Let’s face it, addictions, heartaches, marital discord and many other troubles are often much bigger than we can handle alone. God can allow others to be His hands and feet in order to minister to us in a visible, tangible way. At times, it just helps to hear an audible voice reassuring us that we’re on the right path or challenging us to go deeper. Others can speak life into a situation by asking the right questions. Often, we have had the answers deep within ourselves all along. It can be very affirming to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes who see us as valuable and made in God’s image. They can be a mirror of truth.

Counseling can be challenging work but well worth the investment of time and energy for your own well-being and also the positive ripple effect on the others in your life. Growth is worth pursuing. A fulfilling life is what God wants for each of us and He uses many ways to help us to get there. Consider the options set before you, pray, and decide what you’d like your answer to be to the call of using this particular avenue. What a joy to become who you were created to be, free from the old struggles that hold you back!  He can bring healing as you discover how to become more open to receive the great love that He has for you. There is hope. There is redemption waiting for you.

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